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‚Äč  Church Address:Open Door Community Tabernacle9 Ward Street,Somerville MA 02143 Directions: Telephone: 1-855-237-6736 opendoortabernacle@gmail.com        Sunday Service:Doors open 3:00 PMService starts at 3:30 PM Thursday & Saturday Service:Doors open 8:00pmService begins at 8:30 PM  Album Purchase          AUGUST- BOSTON WIFE MEEETING OCTOBER- ARKANSAS WIFE MEETING DECEMBER- CANADA WIFE MEETING            















Open Door Community Tabernacle of the Lord Jesus-Christ is currently located in Somerville, MA. We are a small, growing congregation whose only desire is to fulfill our God given purpose. We are a group of believers that have been called together by a common vision and sincere desire to establish a house of worship dedicated to the preaching of the Original Word as was delivered to us by the Prophet messenger William Branham. The true end-time message is to get the Bride ready and prepared for the rapture.